Preventing Data Loss


Regardless of the number and size of databases you manage, the principal duty of an administrator is to guarantee the security of the data stored. The knowledge of mechanisms of archivising and restoring SQL Server databases is crucial to being able to plan and implement a case-adequate strategy of creating and restoring backup. That knowledge combined with the requirements effecting from a given company’s business assumptions, should be the basis of data loss prevention policy. Our course will enable you to develop and implement independently and cost-efficiently an effective, given SQL Server edition-suited, data loss prevention strategy.


  • Course level: 300
  • Start date: as required
  • Duration time: 1 day

Price: 1500 zł

  • Open training
  • On-site (costumer's premises)
  • Customer’s computer


The course has been developed for database administrators, persons who are responsible for the security of the stored data, and people who are in charge of recovering data upon database or server failure.


The basic training is comprised of 9 modules. Just like all the other courses on our offer, it has been designed by our experts, therefore we can freely customize it to suit the individual needs of the participants.  We would like to encourage you not only to choose modules which you find relevant for your needs, but also to feel free to contact us with your suggestions and questions you would like to hear answered throughout the course.
Our trainings are unique also because we limit the time set aside for laboratory type classes customarily conducted after the completion of each module, to the benefit of exercises done with the assistance of the trainer and demonstrations. We believe in this manner we can equip you with substantially more practical information and tips, and focus on dealing with the issues directly within your scope of interest. However, each day of the training is finished with a laboratory class of approximately 1hr, so that you can do self-practice and do exercises of your choice.


Duration: Level:
Module 1

Data Security
  • Data Security - Overview
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Requirements Concerning RTO and RPO
  • Backup and Methods for Providing Constant Service Availability

60 minutes 300
Module 2

SQL Server Mechanisms of Database File Management
  • Managing Data Files and Instant File Initialization
  • Physical Structure of Data Files
  • Filegroups and Moving Objects between Groups
  • Managing Transaction Log Files
  • Transaction Log Architecture and its Functioning
  • Database Restoring Modes
  • Backup Information Stored in MSDB Database

60 minutes 400
Module 3

Creating Database Backups
  • Backup Devices
  • Basic Backup Types (Full, Differential, Transaction Log Backup, COPY_ONLY Option)
  • Backup Creating and Restoring Strategies
  • Creating Backup From the Graphical Interface Level
  • Automatic Backup Creation

45 minutes 300
Module 4

Creating Transaction Log Backups
  • Transaction Log Backups and Backup Log Chains
  • Creating Backup From the Level of Graphical Interface
  • Creating Automatic Backup
  • Archivising the Active Part of the Transaction Log

45 minutes 300
Module 5

Additional Archivization Options and Techniques
  • Checking Database Integrity
  • Backup Verification
  • Archivising Files and File Groups
  • Backup Compression
  • Scattering and Mirroring Backup

45 minutes 300
Module 6

Restoring Backup
  • Restoring Data - Overview
  • Restore Database Backups Process
  • Restoring Backup of Databases Running in SIMPLE Recovery Mode
  • Restoring Backup of Databases Running in FULL or BULK_ LOGGED Recovery Mode.
  • Restoring Backup from the Level of Graphical Interface and Using Scripts
  • Restoring Database State from a Specific Point in Time

45 minutes 300
Module 7

Restoring Selected Data and Providing Partial Access to Restored Database
  • Identifying Damaged Pages (DBCC and Information in MSDB)
  • Restoring Database Integrity Using DBCC
  • Restoring Single Pages
  • Restoring Selected Files

45 minutes 400
Module 8

Archivization and Restoring System Databases
  • Overview of System Databases in Respect of Stored Data Archivisation SQL
  • Server Re-Installation
  • Restoring System Databases

45 minutes 300
Module 9

Sample Scenarios
  • Sample Strategies Of Creating And Restoring Backup
  • Data Loss Prevention Policy In Practice

30 minutes 300


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